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Torch-On Felt

Choosing the correct torch on felt for your roof is vital. At Building Supplies Online we make it easy for you to find the torch on roofing felt you need at affordable prices.

Mineral Felt Roofing 

The IKO torch on felt is available in two sizes 8m x 1m and 16m x 1m and are available to buy with a mineral finish. The black  and green mineral felt roofing is coated with a polymer modified bitumen which makes extremely resistant to damage. The mineral effect leaves a very natural finish that can blend with any roof.

Torch On Felt Benefits 

Torch on felt is an alternative type of roofing felt that is torched on to a building. Torch-on felt is heated to ensure all the materials are securely combined making it extremely watertight and well bonded. The underside of the roofing felt melts onto the roof structure ensuring it is securely bonded. Torch on felt has many benefits and is becoming increasingly popular with roofers.

Torch on felt is exceedingly versatile and can be applied on curved roofs, flat roofs and pitched roofs. Whatever your roof type you can use torch on felt to weatherproof and insulate your roof. As torch on felt melts on to the roof it can be fitted over old roof felt saving you money and time. Torch on felt is also a great material to use for repairs needed on roofing felt.

Keeping your roof extremely secure from weather elements is very important. The high strength and durability of torch on felt ensures a long life that is resistant to weather and wear and tear. Although it is not the cheapest roofing option it is a great investment and will last a long time, saving you future costs. Reinforced with polyester, torch on felt has exceptional dimensional stability and is coated with a polymer modified bitumen which offers brilliant temperature control. Once installed torch on roofing felt requires little to no maintenance so you can be confident that it is doing its job with no problems.

Torch On Roofing Felt Installation

Torch on felt is easy to install, however, it is advised that torch-on felt is installed by professional roofers. Torch on felt requires 2-3 layers, just like ordinary roofing felt, to ensure a strong roof. Once the underlay has been applied the torch on layer is heated with a blow torch and pressed down so it can bond with the roof.

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