What are Splashbacks?

Despite becoming exceedingly popular in recent time, many still are unaware of the incredible practicality and style benefits of having a splashback.

A splashback is a large piece of material that protects and preserves walls and surfaces from splashes as the name hints. However, this is not the end to their practicalities, as they also are highly useful in shielding surfaces from heat and damage also. As well as receiving great applause for their excellent durability advantages, splashbacks are also noted to be highly stylish and can really be an eye-catching component in bringing a room design together.

Bathroom Splashbacks

With the amount of ways water is used in a bathroom, it is inevitable that some of it could end up on a newly painted wall, especially in a family environment. Thankfully, with the use of a bathroom splashback, problems of water damage could be easily removed from the equation. With an easy-to-clean design, fitting a splashback into an everyday routine is no issue at all and overtime can save a considerable amount of money and time since they can reduce potential problems such as mildew and mould. The style element is also an appealing factor in using a splashback in the bathroom, as they can be a perfect way of adding personality into the room. Whether you are looking to revamp the space with a pop of colour or want to match with the aesthetic of retro monochrome tiles, it is simple to achieve with the addition of a splashback.

Kitchen Splashbacks

The most common place a splashback is found, is in the kitchen and for good reason. With the potential to serve multiple functions in a kitchen space, it is no wonder that they are so popular. Firstly, the cooker splashback aids in protecting your kitchen from food splashes that could happen whilst cooking. Walls are at high risk of staining, water and especially heat damage so having a protective surface can be extremely helpful in preventing these issues, leaving you to enjoy cooking with peace of mind. Glass splashbacks can be especially efficient in protection whilst cooking as they have thermal resistance so there is even less need to worry about potential damage.

A flashback can also be used with a kitchen sink, providing protection from water stains. Splash from water can be difficult to avoid, especially in a kitchen that is constantly in use so use of this product could be the perfect way to solve this problem. Water damage on walls can not only look unappealing but can again lead to risk of mould or mildew which could be a very unhygienic problem in an environment made for handling food. Therefore, providing protection from this should be essential. A solid glass splashback is a great option for the kitchen sink as they are 100% waterproof and can also have the advantage of a stylish visual appeal.


Whether your space is completely white, and you are looking to maintain the clean aesthetic, or you want to breathe new life into a room and add a burst of colour, we have a variety of different styles and colours that can suit whatever components you are looking for. Manufactured from the top-quality glass, our highly durable range of Impact Glass splashbacks come in a rainbow pallet of shades and effects and come with the promise of excellent reliability. If a more intricate design is what you are looking for the stunning artistic splashbacks from Laura Ashley partner incredible durability with stunning patterns and designs that can be displayed as a gorgeous piece of artwork in your home.

Practical and attractive, splashbacks are the ideal solution for any working home.