Will Coloured Bathroom Suites Make a Comeback?

When designing a bathroom, adding colour could be a thought that does not even cross the mind of many. The clean white aesthetic a lot of bathrooms have adopted has seemingly been the most popular in recent years but with some now looking to make more of a statement with the look of their space, could colour be working its way back in? Many modern bathroom designs now surfacing are proving that coloured bathroom suites do not have to look tacky or outdated and can actually be just the thing to completely transform a home.

Bold with Blue

This year is the year of making an impact with your home design and stepping outside the ordinary. The concept of a blue bathroom could sound like a modern designer’s worst nightmare, bringing back thoughts of outdated 70’s bathroom disasters. However, that is not what we have in mind. Blue is a flexible colour that can be worked to suit any aesthetic and subtle use of it can make a huge difference to a space. Navy blue or dark turquoise are colours that can give a room an undeniable touch of elegance if incorporated correctly. Pairing certain bathroom features is a great way to add colour without adding too much. For example, a blue bath may sound scary but paired with blue bathroom accessories, feature wall and/or tiling it can really bring a room together without giving you a headache.

Rose Revamp

Using sweeter colours such as pink in a bathroom does not have to be a no-go option if done stylishly. Transforming more dated items with colour can be a great way to mix the old and new whilst bringing your own personality to your bathroom. Taking traditional bathroom cabinets or a traditional Victorian bath and adding a pop of pink can completely modernise the aesthetic, making it sweet to look at rather than sickly sweet. Pink is also a colour that can be made to match with many things. For example, if you are not ready to let go of some white elements to your bathroom, the perfect colour that can go well with the monochrome shade is pink. You could use a pastel shade for more subtly or a pop of fuscia to really make a statement.

Going Green

Despite sometimes holding a questionable reputation in the world of bathroom design, green can actually be the perfect colour for giving your bathroom a breath of new life and excitement. If done right, your emerald bathroom can shine leaving visitors green with envy rather green with nausea. Ideal for giving that back-in-time feel, a mint shade room can really supply a classic aesthetic without looking dated. Combining features from the 50’s and 30’s with white or metallic modern bathroom finishing’s can be a unique way of rocking a traditional bathroom that doesn’t look like it should have been left in the past.

Passion for Purple

When it comes to bathroom design, purple never seems to be at the top of the list for colour choice, but it really should be. Different shades of purple can create so many different contrasting atmospheres in a room, its just a case of choosing which fits your personality the best. For example, a deep mulberry purple bath paired with the same shade of hexagonal tiles and bathroom accessories could be ideal for creating a sophisticated and elegant appeal without the need to only use monochrome colours. Alternatively, if a lighter look is what you are going for, a lavender sink and toilet combination could be the perfect partnership for softly incorporating this romantic colour without going overboard.

So, are coloured bathrooms making a comeback any time soon? We sure think so. With so many excellent ways to incorporate a dazzling colour palette into your bathroom aesthetic, we think there is no better time than now to get ahead of the trends and transform your space.