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If you need to brighten up a room with no windows or poor lighting, you can easily do this by installing a Monodraught Sun Pipe Gallery.

How does a Monodraught Sun Pipe Gallery work?

The Sun Pipe system, developed by Monodraught, is designed to maximise natural light sourced from above the building with the use of internal mirrors situated in a Sun Tunnel, and then beam it into the room below. Each Gallery can be fitted between the rafters in your roof, meaning that there is no need to modify the structure that is already in place.

The Gallery is secured with only a single fixing at its base and aluminium tape to seal the joints – the whole installation process can be completed in just a couple of hours. Using a Gallery with a Sun Tunnel as an alternative source of light is great for the environment as it reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Choosing your Monodraught Gallery Kit 

The Monodraught Gallery kits are sold in various sizes, depending on how big you require your Sun Pipe to be – these range from 230mm to 530mm for either slate or tiled rooves. Each Gallery comes with a 610mm length of Sun Tunnel, and the Sun Tunnel is fully adjustable as necessary. This means that you can create as many bends as you want in the Sun Tunnel to direct the light to your desired spot. With a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer, you can be sure to get plenty of usage out of your Sun Pipe Gallery.

What’s more, once it’s been installed, your Gallery won’t require any maintenance to keep it functioning at its best, so you can sit back and enjoy the vibrant light it provides. The dome of the Gallery is shaped such that it is able to clean itself as well as remove any condensation that would otherwise build up on its surface.

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