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Living Room Windows

Living Room Windows Range

We offer a variety of Windows that are appropriate for a Living Room, that are suitable for various styles and tastes; from traditional to contemporary.

Here at Building Supplies Online we have a great range of Skylight Window, Living room windows and Roof windows by Velux and Brite, two of the leading Skylight Window manufacturers in the market.

Brite Living Room Windows.

The Slimline Pine is a base model roof window but it still has all the features and benefits you need in a bedroom or living room. These Living Room Windows are made of FSC certified pine wood that comes from sustainable forests. The living room windows include 24-mm double glazing to guarantee good thermal insulation, which in turn reduces heat loss in the winter and limits overheating in the summer. The smart and unique design of these living room windows allows up to 10% more daylight in (than some other branded windows). The “slimline” design also looks great from the inside. With the moulded zinc handle it is possible to lock the window in three positions. One fully closed and two positions to allow passive ventilation on demand. The Brite windows are very easy to install. Every roof window comes with an installation guide for DIY’ers. The installation method is straightforward and easy to understand and follow.


The VeluxGGL 2070 CK02 55x78 White Painted centre-pivot roof window provides excellent value for money. With a modern look to compliment any home, the VELUX GGL 2070 is the new standard of living room windows from VELUX. For a lighter, brighter living space, choose the NEW VELUX white-painted roof windows. The VELUX GGL 2070 white finish reflects more light back into your home than darker surfaces would, and matches beautifully with any room. So you can fill your home with more light once these living room windows have been installed. Made from the same high-quality natural wood the traditional clear lacquer roof windows, the new white painted living room windows bring a fresh, modern touch to any living space.

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