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Discover our selection of Pivot Shower Doors from well known bathroom brands including Premier, April Products and Aquamist. These low cost designs of Shower Doors feature a simple design so not much can go wrong in terms of faulty hinges or pivots. Our selection of Pivot Shower Doors can fit into any wall configuration and are available in a number of styles and sizes.

How to choose your Pivot Shower Door

Our Pivot Shower Doors essentially swing outwards so when open 75% of the door is outside the shower providing easy access for the shower user however taking up valuable bathroom space. Our Pivot Shower Doors are the closest design to a standard door and can be installed to the left or right hand side but turning upside down. Even though both these designs open out into the bathroom, if space is limited Pivot Shower Doors would be the best option for you as they create a smaller opening with the door secured in place by two pivots.

Our selection of Pivot Shower Doors and Pivot Shower Doors both feature smooth mechanisms and are available to buy in conjunction with a variety of handles, fixings and square or rectangular shower trays. Our Pivot Shower Doors simple design is not only reflected in the price of these doors but the price of installation, these Shower Doors are a favourite amongst plumbers and homeowners as they are easy to install.

Our Pivot Shower Doors are available in a framed design with a scratch and tarnish resistant chrome frame, perfect for tying other chrome bathroom appliances into your bathroom or a frameless design for an ultra-modern look. All our Shower Doors feature a clear glass to give the illusion of more space in the bathroom whilst making the shower a focal point of the bathroom.

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