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Wooden toilet seats have been an immensely popular and classic choice for bathrooms in the U.K for many years now. We have a wide selection available online now for some excellent prices.

Our Range

Our vast selection of wooden toilet seats is predominately made from either MDF or solid wood. In particular, oak. Wood is an excellent choice for toilet seats; unlike plastic, it is much warmer and comfortable during use. MDF consists of pressed wood fibres. This makes it much more hygienic, comfortable and easier to clean.

Solid wood often comes made from either Oak, pine or mahogany. All these give off a different feel and vibe which can dictate the overall finish in your bathroom. Due to it being solid wood, the natural grain and texture still, which gives your bathroom an authentic feel which is why wooden toilet seats are perfect for family homes.

Making a Choice

When deciding what's best for you and your bathroom, you should take into account a number of factors. Wooden toilet seats come in so many variations, we also offer the wonderful option of soft close wooden toilet seats, preventing unwanted noise and disturbance by installing a clever hinge which slowly lowers the toilet seat.

Also, although natural wood looks superb, it's not as durable as plastic or MDF and is more prone to damage and wear and tear. So, for large families, we recommend an MDF option which is usually lower cost anyway. Furthermore, wooden toilet seats come in a variety of profiles too. We offer D-shaped and pointed primarily, which are wonderful for more traditional and classic bathrooms.

Browse our selection online now. We offer the best wooden toilets made here in the U.K using reliable materials. We offer a variety of different woods and finishes, which all look superb once installed.

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