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Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation offers you privacy as well as protection from external noise and disturbance.

Our Acoustic Insulation Range

Our Acoustic Insulation Range consists of all the products you will need when looking to soundproof a room. Our products include Acoustic Insulation Hangers, Acoustic Insulation Overlay Boards, Acoustic Insulation Partition Roll, and Acoustic Insulation Slab. Our Acoustic Insulation range is fit for all purposes when soundproofing a room.

Our Acoustic Hangers mainly include products from the manufacturer Gyproc. These hangers are top of the line for Acoustic Insulation. They are made with the highest quality materials designed to have a long life-span. Rockwool are also one of our biggest suppliers for Acoustic Insulation. Rockwool have been one of our trusted manufacturers for years.

Our Rockwool Acoustic Insulation Slabs can be used for Acoustic Insulation as well as Fire and Thermal Insulation. This multi-purpose product is ideal for insulating a building as well as keeping the heat in and soundproofing the room. Rockwool Acoustic Insulation is some of our most popular products showing their desirability. Our Monarfloor Acoustic Insulation is designed to keep sound from traveling through timber floors. Its small depth makes it an ideal purchase for Acoustic Insulation. It takes up as little space as possible, making it easy and quick to install whilst providing a high-end service. For more information on our products simply browse through the category. Each of our Acoustic Insulation products have descriptions paired with them to help make your shopping experience as easy as it should be!

Whether you are looking to reduce sound travel between rooms or keep the noise of a busy road from entering your home, acoustic insulation is an increasingly more popular option for many homeowners all around the UK. Acoustic Insulation, when installed, brings with it many benefits, including a better night’s sleep, a more tranquil and undisturbed space and the ability to not worry about the neighbours when you have company over or have your music turned up. Additionally, Eco’s and poor Acoustics within a room can also be fixed with Acoustic Insulation, since it absorbs these sounds and reduces sound reflection that causes that ‘empty hallway’ sound. Enjoy watching movies at home or the peace and quiet that you desire today with our range of Soundproof Insulation.

We offer a range of sound Insulation Boards, Acoustic Slabs and Acoustic insulation Rolls. Whatever your soundproofing needs we have got you covered!

Where can I install Acoustic Insulation?

Our Soundproof insulation is offered by the same companies that make standard and other types of Insulation, our product range includes Knauf, Rockwool and ISOVER to name just a few. The Installation process is not dissimilar to normal Insulation installation because of this. Your walls, floors and Ceilings are all viable for sound proof insulation and with our range of Acoustic insulation, there are many options to choose from.

Acoustic Insulation is also a viable option for anyone conscious of their environmental impact, Stone wool and Sheep wool are both excellent sound insulators, and we offer both here on our website. Acoustic Insulation also makes your home conform better with UK Noise pollution Guidelines, so if you live near a bustling train station, or are just looking for a cosier and more private home, our range of acoustic insulation will benefit you.

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