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Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

At Building Supplies Online we stock a great range of Moisture Resistant Plasterboards from top leading manufacturers including Knauf and Gyproc.

The Knauf and Gyproc Moisture Resistant Plasterboards are suitable for all applications in residential and commercial buildings, new build and refurbishment projects. Below are a few examples of Moisture Resistant Plasterboards we stock at Building Supplies Online but please take a look at our Building Materials section further for other Insulating Products that you may require. 

GYPROC Moisture Resistant Plasterboards

These Moisture Resistant Plasterboards have been specially designed to tolerate moist and humid conditions. The Moisture Resistant Plasterboards are protected by silicone additives and are coated on both sides with water repellent liners. The Moisture Resistant Plasterboards Absorb less than 5% of water by weight, offer excellent fire protection and provide sound insulation equal to other Gyproc wallboards of the same thickness. The Moisture Resistant Plasterboards are ideal for ceramic tiles and are also suitable for semi-exposed areas.

Knauf Aquapanel Moisture Resistant Plasterboards

Interior Aquapanel Moisture Resistant Plasterboards are a specialist tile backing board for both floors and walls. Manufactured from glass fibre reinforced cement, it is highly impactful and resistant. Aquapanel will not warp or rot and performs well in humid and wet areas such as showers and bathrooms. Knauf Aquapanel is for use as a tile backer in humid and wet areas. It is 100% waterproof, completely non-combustible, inorganic and combines all the benefits of a dry panel system with the strength of brick and block. The ideal plasterboard solution for showers and bathrooms.

If you have any further questions regarding our plasterboard products or need further advice please feel free to give us a call or join us on live chat. 

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