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Minimax Scaffold Tower

Scaffold towers can be a much safer alternative to a ladder or step ladder when working at height with sturdy boards and handrails all the way around.  The scaffold tower can be used for internal or external work such as decorating, gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Our Minimax scaffold tower

All our products are made by Youngman and are part of the minimax product range so they are all able to function together to give you the best quality and product available, We have an extension pack and accessories available to help you personalise your package to your needs so that your scaffold tower can be used for a number of different jobs.  Our Minimax scaffold tower base pack is the perfect starting pack for your scaffold tower needs with a heavy duty base platform and tower system which is sturdy. You can add to this our minimax extension pack this will mean you can use your Minimax scaffold tower for many jobs and also increase the security and safety of the product while working at height. We also sell a minimax scaffold tower guardrail pack made from aluminium making it strong and lightweight to put together and give you additional security working at height.

Our Minimax scaffold tower accessories

We have a number of Youngman minimax scaffold tower accessories to increase safety and stability as you extend your scaffold tower and work at greater heights. We have a stabiliser with saddle blade clamp and a rubber foot to improve the overall strength and stability of the scaffold tower, adjustable leg packs to help increase the functionality of your scaffold tower and a toe board pack to prevent tools, materials or equipment falling from the scaffold tower. With all of these products and accessories, you can be sure to find something for your every need when working at height.

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