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Silicone, Sealants & Strippers

Choosing the correct sealants for where they will be used is very important, most sealants can be used on many different surfaces and conditions. Silicone sealant is good for areas like bathrooms and kitchens as it offers a high strength waterproof sealant use and contains anti-mould growth fungicide. Silicone sealant, therefore, is ideal for sealing around baths and basins.

What are Silicone Sealants?

Silicone sealant will provide a waterproof seal that will not discolour and will remain supple. When a silicone sealant is applied it will dry quickly and not attract dirt. General purpose silicone sealant is the most basic type of sealant which works well on most materials, but if you are using sealant in a bathroom the type you need is sanitary silicone sealant as this has a special formulation for areas that are frequently moist to help prevent mould and mildew. Also suitable for kitchens and bathrooms is a waterproof sealant for areas exposed to lots of moisture, if you are using sealant on kitchen worktops you may wish to use a food-safe silicone sealant.

Clear Silicone Sealant

Clear silicone sealant is a very versatile product because it dries to a clear consistency it is useful for anywhere you don't wish to see the sealant as it is discreet and durable. Clear silicone sealant can be used on window frames to block draughts, for sealing kitchen worktops and filling most gaps and joints around the home, it is an extremely useful item to have in your toolbox for all sorts of DIY jobs. Silicone sealant can also be used for many outdoor jobs as it gives a permanent watertight seal that will keep out the weather. It can also be painted over to match existing surfaces. Some sealants need to be used in dry conditions until cured/dried, others may be applied in wet conditions and will still be successful.

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