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Wood & Timber Products

We use wood stain and wood filler in a range of ways in our homes and gardens, from essential structural uses such as roof beams and joists, to decorative but functional furniture pieces such as tables, chairs, and cabinets.

To help preserve and repair your wood we offer a wide range of wood stain.

Choosing your Wood Treatment

For general, all-round preservation and treatment of your wood we have a large range of wood stain from Cromar and Everbuild, both solvent based wood stain and timber treatment formulas for use on external woods, and non-solvent based wood treatment products that can be used indoors or outdoors as they are low odour, and non-flammable.

We also have petroleum based Creotreat wood stain that is especially hardwearing and suitable for external timbers like fences, sheds, and gate posts. These wood stain products help to preserve and protect your wood, increasing water resistance, protecting from wet and dry rot, and from boring insects and larvae. The wood stain products are available in a range of colours including natural shades such as mahogany, light brown, and dark brown, brighter colours such as cedar red, green, and white, and stainable clear mixture. So our wood stain range helps to revive the look of your wood if it has faded through wear, or through being exposed to sun and harsh weather.

Wood Treatment tor damaged wood

Sometimes your wood can become chipped, marked, or broken so we have a range of wood filler products to fix these problems. For small imperfections and damage to the surface of your wood, from chips, scratches, and screws and nails that have been removed you can choose Everbuild ready mixed, water-based wood filler that sets hard in the surface hole and can then be sanded to the level of the surface.

This wood filler is also water proof so can be used inside or outside, and can be stained, painted, and varnished. If the damage is more serious then choose Everbuild polyester-based, two-component wood filler. When mixed and added into the gap in the wood the wood filler sets hard enough in half an hour to be sanded, nailed, drilled, planed or carved. So these wood filler products will allow you to repair your damaged woods, and regain their attractive look.

Our range of wood stain and repair products also includes a selection of wood adhesives, both liquid and gel based, that provide high bond strength and resistance to seawater and most chemicals. These wood stain and wood filler products are fast setting and bond wood to most common building materials, so they can be used to repair all kinds of wood structure and furniture including equipment that has to be handled quickly after repair.

Woodworm killer for protection against boring insects. If your wood has suffered, or is at risk of, attack by woodworm and other boring insects we have woodworm killer from Everbuild and Cromar. These woodworm killer products are ready-to-use, requiring no mixing, and provide effective treatment that both kills most boring insect and larvae, and prevents reinfestation of the wood. With a low solvent base, and low odour the woodworm killer can be used indoors and outdoors, wherever you need to protect your wood against insects and kill woodworm.

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