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Ogee Skirting is a decorative skirting board that is designed perfectly for use in both modern and traditional styled homes. Skirting boards are fitted against the bottom of the walls, in order to cover the joint where the wall meets the floor.

What is Ogee Skirting?

Ogee Skirting is skirting board that is ready moulded in a simple, classic design with a sweeping curved profile, to give a decorative look in your home. Skirting boards are a great addition to hide any untidy surfaces and to conceal the joint in between the bottom of the wall and the floor. Not only is Ogee Skirting Board aesthetically pleasing, it also provides a barrier to help to protect your walls from any bumps, knocks and scrapes that may occur.

Ogee Skirting is a traditional design and works well in any home, making it a very popular choice among both homeowners and contractors.

Our Range

We have a range of various styles and colours of Ogee Skirting available to purchase so have a look and see which would be the right choice for your home. The different Skirting Board Designs also come in varying sizes and finishes, some primed and ready for use, whilst others allow you to paint them yourself to put your own stamp on it.

A great beauty of Ogee Skirting is that it suits all colours and finishes, so you will always find one that will look the part. Being a traditional design that has been around for years, it will never look out of style.

Ogee Skirting is versatile in that it looks attractive but also protects your walls whilst giving subtle character to a room. It is one of the most popular designs in the UK and really makes a great choice to finish off a room. "

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