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Sliding Door Track

A sliding door is a fantastic space-saving solution for the home and offers a compact storage solution for wardrobes and cupboards. A sliding door moves smoothly along a Sliding Door Track when it is open and closed.

What is a Sliding Door Track?

Using a sliding door will create a spacious feel in even the smallest of rooms because the doors do not need to open outwards on a hinge. Instead, sliding doors use a Sliding Door Track, which enables the doors to neatly glide open and shut easily across the track.
Each door is positioned within its own Sliding Door Track. The door slides along the track when it is opened and closed. To make installation even easier why not purchase a Sliding Door Kit? A kit will provide you with everything you need to fit the track.

How to Fit?

Fitting a Sliding Door Track is not as complicated as you might think, especially if you decide to use a Sliding Door Track Kit. Make sure that you purchase the right kit for your chosen doors as there are many different kits available.
To fit your Sliding Door Track, you will need a tape measure, pencil, spirit level, Allen key, screwdriver and hand drill.
Always ensure that you have measured up correctly and that the doors are in the right place before getting started. Check that the track is in the right position before securing it to the ceiling and floor, and once the doors are in place on the track don’t forget to engage the anti-jump clips to prevent them from accidentally coming off the track.

Sliding doors offer a simple but effective space-saving solution for the home. A wide choice of Sliding Door Tracks are available to help you easily install your doors and achieve a high-quality finish.

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