Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding Wardrobe Doors


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Treat yourself to more space with our Sliding Wardrobe Doors. These doors do not only save you space outside of the wardrobe, they also offer a huge amount of space on the inside. This is because they can go from wall to wall or to an end panel.

Our Sliding Wardrobe Doors can fit almost any room, you can choose from one panel, two panel or three panel. They are designed specifically to fill any space and meet all your storage needs.

At Building Supplies Online we have a great range of Sliding Wardrobe Doors with plenty of options for you to choose from. Our Sliding Wardrobe Doors come in a variety of designs and colours including Heritage, Classic, Shaker, Eclipse and many more.

Why Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

So, what is the recent obsession with Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

Well the modern and sleek styling coupled with their practical usefulness makes them attractive to many of our customers. Specifically, the appeal of not being able to see the mechanism when the door is fully closed is a welcomed change for many. Especially those who are used to seeing door hinges that stick out like a sore thumb against the wood grain.

Traditional Wardrobe doors often interrupt the natural flow and styling of a room. This interruption is not in tune with a current room designs. Sliding Wardrobe Doors save space in your bedroom by not operating on hinges but wheels instead.

Each Sliding Wardrobe Door will go from panel to panel granting you full access to all the contents in your wardrobe. Along with saving space, our Sliding Wardrobe Doors can be fitted into any wardrobe. This is because they are available in a multitude of sizes, just choose the size that’s best for you! SpacePro Sliding Wardrobe Doors are also easy to fit, granting a smooth process from buying to installing, to using.

How do Sliding Wardrobe Doors Work?

Sliding Wardrobe Doors rest on a set of horizontal rails, all the weight of the door is suspended on the rollers attached to the top of the door. The Doors cannot be too heavy, if they are they can be hard to open and can even come off their track! Rest assured that our experts will do everything to ensure this does not happen. Nevertheless, you should make sure that whomever is installing your door understands this.

The guide along the bottom of the system prevents the Sliding Wardrobe Doors from falling off the rollers. This guide is often a simple groove cut into the base of the Sliding Wardrobe Door. Sliding Doors have a stopper at either end to prevent the door from coming off the track. Glass Sliding Doors will usually have some sort of visual indication. This prevents people walking straight into them and breaking the glass, our sliding wardrobe doors are no exception.

Choosing your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Choose from modern and traditional designs with single or multiple panel doors. Our Sliding Wardrobe Doors are available in a variety of finishes including:

  • Wood Effect
  • White Painted
  • Frosted Glass
  • Clear Glass

Our stunning Shaker Sliding Wardrobe Doors feature contrasting wood effects. These can be easily customised to suit the style of your bedroom. Our Mirror Sliding Doors feature a modern aesthetic and can give the illusion of more space and create a feeling of more light in your bedroom.

Our Shaker Sliding Wardrobe Doors offer not only a beautiful design but a strong durable material. This ensures that when using your Sliding Wardrobe Doors for a long period of time they work the same as when you first purchased.

We offer a wide range of Mirrored Sliding Wardrobe Doors. These do not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also create the illusion of more space in your bedroom or dressing room. This is because they reflect the natural light and add dimension to a room.

Are Sliding Wardrobe Doors Confined to the Bedroom or Dressing Room?

Sliding Wardrobe Doors aren’t just for the bedroom. They are perfect for smaller rooms such as studies where swinging doors aren’t practical. Install Sliding Wardrobe Doors in your home office to store office supplies and books.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors are a great storage solution for small or cluttered homes. You can customise your doors to blend seamlessly with the decor in the rest of your home.

Adding Sliding Wardrobe Doors to your lounge or any living area allows you to place furnishings such as chairs in front of the storage unit. You will not compromise accessibility in any way with this style of door.

Use Sliding Wardrobe Doors in your bathroom to hide any unsightly plumbing and store all your toiletries and cleaning products. 

How to Measure for your Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

When measuring the area you want to fit your Sliding Wardrobe Doors in you’ll need to measure the depth, height and width of the space. Measure the depth of the opening in two areas then the height in three places across the opening. Measure the top and bottom wall to wall above any skirting board.

Make note of any obstacles such as fireplaces, radiators or sloping ceilings in the room you’re fitting your Sliding Wardrobe Doors. Plug sockets and light switches may also determine where you fit your Sliding Wardrobe Doors.

How to Fit your Sliding Wardrobe Doors?

  1. Using equal spacing, start by screwing the top track to the ceiling before placing the bottom track on the floor
  2. Next, fit the door into the back channel of both the top and bottoms tracks
  3. Position the Sliding Wardrobe Door on both sides of the track to level it up. Make sure you mark the floor before removing the door
  4. Measure in from your line and mark another line for the placement of your Sliding Wardrobe Door fixings
  5. Fix your track fixings into place by screwing them to the floor
  6. Adjust the bottom wheels using an allen key to alter the height and angle of each door
  7. You will need to repeat these steps for each Sliding Wardrobe Door

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