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Straight Finish Nails

Straight finish Nails are especially great for finishing projects that are delicate or intricate. These can include detailed trim work inside the house, but also some outdoor projects. The heads on Straight Finish Nails are smaller than those on other Nails, so that it they are less visible on the finished piece.

Choosing your Straight Finish Nails

The Straight Finish Nails we sell are all 16 gauge (approximately 1.6mm in diameter), but they come in a variety of lengths. The smallest of our Straight Finish Nails are 20mm long and perfect for small wood work; the longest are 40mm, and we also have several options in between to suit your needs. Stainless Steel Nails are very useful for outdoor or marine work, as they do not rust like other Nails when they come into contact with water. Stainless Steel Nails are slightly more expensive than regular Nails, but their resistance to corrosion makes them very durable, which is why Stainless Steel Nails are so popular in construction. Stainless Steel Nails will last a long time, making it absolutely worth the small extra cost to buy them. It is even possible to recycle your Stainless Steel Nails if you no longer need them for their original purpose – they can be melted down or used again in the same form.

How to use Straight Finish Nails

You will need to use a finish nailer instead of a Brad Nailer with your Straight Finish Nails. This is because a Brad Nailer is suitable for brad nails only, so Straight Finish Nails require a finish nailer to drive them properly. Straight Finish Nails are typically thicker and longer than brad nails, so it is important to have a nailer that applies the right amount of pressure. You will find a list of the nailers your chosen Straight Finish Nails are compatible with in the corresponding description box.

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