Slate Chippings are a versatile product that is used in many gardens as they are an eye-catching, low-maintenance option that immediately adds a touch of creativity to your garden. They are also incredibly durable and can withstand the inclement British weather.

Why Choose Slate Chippings?

Slate Chippings UK are sourced from a fine-grained metamorphic rock. Its strength and durability make it a sought-after choice for a variety of different landscaping solutions.

  • You can use Slate Chippings in your planting areas and garden paths, for your driveway and patio, and to decorate around water features among others
  • Using Slate Chippings in your landscaping will help with insulation in the winter and moisture retention for your soil in the summer months
  • You can also supress weed growth when used with a weed membrane


Choosing Slate Chippings for an outdoor landscaping solution is a cost-effective option that will last you years. It is also a low-maintenance solution for your garden as it doesn’t require any trimming or watering once it is laid down. These chippings are usually grey in colour but can vary in their shading from purple to blue to green depending on their mineral composition. You can choose one colour of chippings or mix a few different colours for a more eye-catching Decorative Slate option. It is also an environmentally friendly solution as it is recycled material.

  • Slate Chippings are sold in bulk and are very easy to lay for those wanting a quick and easy solution for their outdoor surfaces.
  • Slate Chippings are an ideal option to create a neat and modern landscape solution for your garden or a more permanent situation such as a driveway.
  • It is a cost-effective, spectacular option that easily spruces up your outdoor garden and water features and it will last you for years!

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