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The range of bow saws offered in our range, are extremely versatile and durable, and come highly recommended amongst the best of the best in the bow saw range! All our bow saws are extremely easy to use and maintain, as well as being easy to store and very light in weight, all these qualities add up to less injuries and a more efficiently done job!

Why Choose Bow Saws?

  • Providing you with the ability to create the most defined incisions in any type of wood you wish, giving you infinite control over what you do with that wood.
  • One of the many benefits of using our bow saws for you cutting needs is that, the blades have finer and mode defined teeth, enabling a faster cut.
  • Using bow saws also allows for you to cut the wood in a variety of ways using different techniques and angles, making this one of the more versatile blades on the market.
  • As well as this, the D shape of bow saws provides added speed when it comes to cutting, making this ideal for cutting fallen branches or any other piece of wood, needed quickly, for example if it is about to rain and you need wood for the log burner or fire place. Any bow saw is ideal for at home use.
  • Another feature of the bow saw, is you can choose different kinds, such as bow saws with a curved nose, allowing you to get to those hard to reach places in the wood. Wood can be unpredictable, with different nodules and groves, having a bow saw on hand makes these obstacles easy to overcome with minimal hassle!

Our Range of Bow Saws

  • The bow saw selection we carry, has everything you need to satisfy your wood cutting needs! Whether you want it for general cutting, or even if you just want to get creative with wood carving, our bow saw selection is THAT accurate and precise.
  • The bow saws we carry in our range includes all these benefits if not more, we have a variety of bow saws from, the Kent and Stowe bow saw, which comes with an extra blade and is famous for being both rigid but lightweight, small in size, making it extremely easy to use! With extra knuckle protection and efficient sawing action, this Kent and Stowe bow saw is only the beginning of what our range carries.
  • We also have the Roughneck pointed bow saw, another rigid bow saw, enabling accuracy and efficient and fast cutting action of most, if not all woods. The Roughneck pointed bow saw is also equipped with a very easy to use, blade tensioner, making cutting precise lines in your wood, and cutting exact measurements, impossible to make a mistake!
  • One of the more stable bow saws we have in stock includes the Irwin combi bow saw, with its high-quality blades, ideal for working with wood, as well as metal and PVC. Making it highly versatile amongst other types of bow saw. The “combi” function of the Irwin combi bow saw, means that this particular bow saw comes with two different blades, one for cutting wood and one for metal.
  • This means that you will not need to purchase two kinds of bow saw to allow you this freedom, in turn saving you money on your bow saw needs, also allowing you to complete the project that you need the bow saw for, in a much faster and efficient way.
  • There are so many amazing benefits to choosing a bow saw for yourself above any other kind of saw, for one it is the safest and easiest options for those less experienced with using saws for their wood cutting needs, and much safer and more precise than using an axe to chop your wood. 

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