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Marshalls Edgings

Give your garden structure and keep your flower beds in shape with marshalls edging. Marshalls paving edgingis perfect to give your garden structure.

Marshalls edging is available in various colours and shapes to suit whatever style you prefer. Sketch out your garden design idea and have a look at our selection of marshalls garden edging.

Ways to use Marshalls Edging in your garden

If you want a neatly finished lawn that stays within its borders, use our marshalls paving edging to separate it from your flower beds and keep every blade of grass in check. Use scalloped marshalls edging to add a playful border to your flower beds. You can also use marshalls paving edging to separate different parts of your vegetable bed - marshalls edging with a round top design can separate your strawberry beds from your courgettes or runner bean stalks. Marshalls edging gives your garden or allotment an organised feel without much effort.

Framing your garden paths with Marshalls Paving Edging

When you have chosen that perfect paving for your drive and garden you want to make sure you're showing it off in the best light. Using marshalls garden edging gives your garden paths the perfect finishing touch. Scalloped marshalls garden edging can look playful and is perfect if you want something out of the ordinary that makes your house stand out from the others on your road. Smooth round top marshalls paving edging will frame your garden paths neatly - smooth marshalls edging is also the perfect choice if you have mobility issues and want barrier free garden design.

If you have further queries about marshalls paving edging or need help choosing the perfect marshalls edging for your garden paths, get in touch with our customer service team. We pride ourselves on the quality of our supplies.

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