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Polystyrene Sheets 25mm X 1200 X 2400 (Pack of 12)

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EPS 70 Floor Insulation can help you save money on heating and cooling costs by reducing the amount of heat lost through concrete floors or attic spaces. By adding EPS 70 to your home under a slab, you will see an immediate reduction in the temperature difference between inside and outside your home when winter approaches. This is because EPS 70 has such a high R-value per inch that it's able to keep more of the heat from escaping so quickly through the ground into colder temperatures below ground level. This means less energy is needed for heating during cold months. 

The EPS 70 is also a fantastic addition to insulation projects in cooler parts of houses or buildings such as attics. Bigger spaces such as lofts and attics are where heat tends to escape to and through, these floor insulation boards  allow hot air to escape easily. Adding this insulation beneath wooden planks helps trap in much needed heat within these spaces year round without having to rely on expensive forced air systems or other forms of HVAC equipment.

The EPS 70 Floor Insulation Polystyrene gets cut by hand only once at the factory and then shipped out ready-to-use for all types of installation methods including direct fixing with nails or screws, glueing down, dry laying where no adhesive is used and even laminating over existing chipboard floors with nothing more than a few finishing nails! This means less work for you. And also less money spent on materials because it is shipped right away without having to wait around for multiple cuts before leaving the warehouse.

By using EPS 70 Floor Insulation you will meet today’s insulation requirements and also save money on energy bills in years to come because it reduces heat loss through the floor by up to 60%. You will also find it easy to install, as it comes off the roll with no need for cutting or fixing – saving time and effort!

Note: These boards are not pure white and can have specs, grey or black mixed in.

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