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Often roofs need to house a variety of protrusions, that if not sealed correctly will incur water ingress.

Choosing your Lead Slates

Our collection of Calder lead slate options offers you a durable, long-term solution to sealing up pipes, flues, aerials and other items which penetrate into tile or slate roofs. Our choice of Calder lead slates are aesthetically pleasing with a high quality finish.

Calder Lead Slates

With over 260 years’ experience, Calder is the UK’s leading supplier of lead sheet and lead engineering products. Based here in the UK but servicing customers across the world, Calder operate with a strong commitment to reliability, quality and service. The Calder lead slate range is manufactured in Code 4 lead. Code 4 lead can be used for many roofing applications. At 1.8mm thick, and weighing 20.41 kg/m2, Code 4 lead is a popular form of lead for slates and flashing because it provides malleability and resistance to splits. Lead is an excellent building material that provides a consistency of performance over many years.

It also provides a reliability that is preferred to other man-made products due to its durability and look. Our standard Calder lead slate range dimension is 4 inch (100mm) for the rear upstand with a 450mm x 450mm base.

There are several pitch angle options for your lead slate requirement, our Calder lead slate choices range from 30-degree lead slates, 45-degree lead slates and 90-degree lead slates, however, any size can be designed and produced to order. These bespoke lead slate items are also available with a 450mm x 450mm base measurement. In addition, we can supply the larger Calder 5 inch (127mm) rear upstand lead slate model with a 450mm x 450mm base measurement. Calder Lead Slates are suitable for a variety of different roofing projects, and are the perfect and permanent solution to weathering pipe, flue and other penetrations through slate and tile roofs.

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