Air Permeable Membranes

When you are planning to build or construct a roof, there are a lot of factors you will need to take into consideration. One of these factors is how you will plan to insulate your roof.

How to use Air Permeable Membranes

The demands for higher thermal efficiency of buildings from Building Regulations for both domestic and commercial buildings means that building professionals need to consider better ways to improve thermal performance, rather than simply adding more insulation. Breathable Membrane is a great solution to this issue. Breathable Membrane first appeared for use in Northern Europe, and Breathable Membrane which is also known as Breathable Roofing Felt, has been growing in popularity ever since. Breathable Roofing Felt is a great way to ensure that your house stays well insulated, all the while resisting outer weathers, but the Breathable Roofing Felt is also named as such as it is designed as to not trap in condensation, which can become very problematic and lead to issues with your roofing, which is why many people are making the decision to install a Breathable Membrane into their next building projects. The Breathable Roofing Felt is usually used as an underlay between the surface it is applied to and the final roofing material, however this may vary.

Choosing your air Permeable Membranes

Breathable Roofing Felt is sold by many different brands, such as Klober, and many varying price points. Breathable Membrane is also sold in a variety of colours and amounts, and Breathable Membrane is typically sold in rolls. The Klober Breathable Membrane we sell on our website is one of the best Breathable Roofing Felt on the current market, as Klober Permo Air Open Underlay roofing felt is over 13% more breathable than any other Breathable Membrane for sale on the current market. When picking your Breathable Membrane, consider a Klober underlay from our website, which is sold in rolls of either 50m x 1.5M, or 50m x 1M rolls.

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