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Roofing is one of the most important parts of any home and ensuring it is finished to the very best quality is essential. Dry Ridge Systems make it easy for you to seal and complete your roof to an outstanding level of safety and pleasing tidy aesthetics.

Here at Building Supplies Online, you can find a dry ridge system that fulfills your building requirements and blends perfectly with your roof. Manufactured by leading brands Manthorpe, Hambleside Danelaw, Klober, Easy Trim, Cromar and Harcon, many years of knowledge and expertise have gone into providing you with superior levels of quality and performance. The Dry Ridge systems range includes Easy Ridge Dry-Fix Ridge kits, Klober Dry Roll Fix Kits for Hips, Manthorpe Roll Out Dry Vent Ridge Systems, Manthorpe Roll Out Dry Ridge Systems and Hip Systems, Easy Ridge Universal Dry Vented Roll Out Ridge Kits, Klober Roll-Fix Kits and a selection of accessories to compliment the dry ridge systems.

Dry Ridge roof systems are designed to last longer than mortar fitted ridge systems. Dry ridge systems are installed mechanically using screws and tools provided in dry ridge kits. Dry rige systems are available to buy in kits which include all you could possibly need for installation and aftercare. This mortar free method is quick, easy and more reliable. Mortar cracks and breaks over time causing the ridge tiles to fall off meaning unnecessary costs and repairs. The dry ridge systems can withstand the movements caused by the environment keeping maintenance to a low. The overall finish with mortar free dry ridge systems is more discreet and streamlined leaving a neat and tidy appearance on your home.

Dry Ridge systems are often used as a ventilation system. The vented roll our ridge kits feature a vented roll that is fitted under the ridge tiles and allows for hot air in the roof to escape while the tiles protect weather and animals from ingressing into the roof. This method of ventilation saves money and time and discreetly provides necessary roof ventilation.

The dry ridge system is available in multiple choices of colours to blend naturally with your roof tiles. The material of a dry ridge system depends on the manufacturer but is normally constructed from concrete, polypropylene or uPVC all of which are strong non-combustible materials that have long-term durability. For best results invest in a dry ridge end cap or end closure. Dry ridge end caps and end closures are fitted at the end of rollout dry verge systems and add extra protection and complete the dry ridge with a neat appearance.  As building regulations get stricter more people are upgrading there mortar fixed ridge systems to dry fix ridge systems. Dry Ridge systems can be used on new or old builds and add a modern twist to refurbishment projects.

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