Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal roofing sheets are becoming more popular due to the low costs and extensive durability.

Our range of metal roofing sheets are manufactured by ariel plastics who supply us with leading brands Corotile and Corozinc. Ariel plastics are market leaders in roofing sheets and has many years of knowledge in knowing what makes a good metal roofing sheet. Due to this expertise, we are confident you will be highly satisfied with the quality and performance of any of the metal roofing sheet products.

Choosing your Metal Roofing Sheets

Within our metal roofing sheet range, we have corrugated metal roofing sheets, lightweight metal roofing sheets, barge covers, roofing ridges and end caps. Metal roofing sheets are used as the primary roofing material to offer protection from weather and provide insulation. The barge cover goes on the roof edge and aids in discarding water and ensuring extra protection. The roofing ridges and end caps are placed on the peak and at the end of the peak on a roof. The ridge and end cap increase weather resistance and strength.

Choosing metal roofing sheets for your roof comes with multiple benefits. Metal roofing sheets are renown for there desirably high durability and extreme strength. Metal roofing is more than likely to last longer than the building and does not rust or fade. The chemicals that are used to treat metal roofing sheets prevent algae growing and burrowing insects. Resistant to rain, hail, wind, snow and extreme weather conditions, metal roofing sheets are guaranteed to stay intact and secure.

Metal roofing sheets are close to indestructible and even hold resistance to fire. It is not a surprise that metal roofing sheets are known to be one of the best materials for coping with all types of weather conditions. Metal roofing is one of the most energy efficient types of roof as they reflect solar energy and keep your home cool. Having a energy efficient roofing solution keeps costs down savng you money. 

Fitting your Metal Roofing Sheets

Metal roofing is suprisingly lightweight and easy to install and can be used for variety of applications. Common places of application include garages, sheds, play houses, agricultral buildings and workshops.


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