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On our website Building Supplies Online, we have a vast range of different Velux Flashing Kit options from the brand Velux, including the Duo Flashing Velux Flashing Kit.

Velux Flashing Kits

The Velux Flashing Kit is used when installing your Velux Windows perfectly into any of your roofing materials, and the purpose of the Velux Flashing Kit is to ensure that your Velux Windows are completely weatherproof, no matter the conditions.

Duo Combination Flashing Kits

The Duo Flashing kit specifically is used when installing two windows that sit vertically, and so this type of Velux Flashing Kit is designed particularly for that purpose. The windows sit vertically, but the Duo Flashing Velux Flashing Kit is made for a gap between your Velux Windows which should be no greater than 100mm. Duo Flashing is designed to sit beneath your roofing materials, and the water from your roof is then collected into the built in guttering system, the purpose of the Duo Flashing is to create a weathertight seal around your Velux Windows.

The Velux Flashing Kit is designed to be compatible with most roofing materials, like their Duo Flashing tile or slate options, but the Duo Flashing can also be installed beneath less common materials such as corrugated sheet or thatching. Duo Flashing can be installed in a standard way which will be ideal, but for a further enhanced appearance, the recessed installation would be ideal, this is because when installed in this way, your Duo Flashing allows the window to sit 40mm deeper into your roofing materials, therefore the appearance of your windows are more flush, and this installation method of your Velux Flashing Kit will even improve energy efficiency. If you are looking to install two vertical windows onto your roof, then the Duo Flashing options we have on our website will be perfect for you.

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