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Recessed Flashing Kits

Here at Building Supplies Online we have a wide selection of Velux recessed flashing to complete your Velux window installation.

Whether they are recessed, standard or combined, Velux windows are a great way to let light into any room, new or old. Recessed windows however, provide a sleeker look than standard Velux windows and our Velux flashing will help to keep them weather and water resistant. Discover our selection of Velux recessed flashing below to find the best option for you.

Choosing your Velux Recessed Flashing

It is important to choose the Velux flashing kit that is right for your roof and Velux windows. Our Velux EDN flashing is perfect for single recessed roof windows on slate tile roofs, with tiles up to 8mm thick. If you have a plain tile roof however, our Velux EDJ flashing is for you, for single recessed Velux windows and tiles up to 90mm thick. Both types of Velux recessed flashing are suitable for roof pitches between 20° and 90°. With over 15 different sizes of Velux flashing kits available, we have Velux flashing for all Velux window sizes. Many of our Velux flashing kits also offer additional insulation to keep your home as energy efficient as possible.

Our Velux recessed flashing is grey aluminium, ensuring that it blends in seamlessly with your Velux window, however we also have options for copper, titanium zinc and coloured aluminium to suit any style of roof and match any colour of tile.

All of our Velux flashing kits come with an installation guide to make installing your Velux windows as quick and easy as possible. You can filter our collection per your specifications or sort our selection by price to find the cheapest option for you. Order your Velux flashing kit today to begin installing your Velux roof windows straight away.

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