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Flat Roof Blinds

Flat roof blinds are ideal to soften incoming daylight and add a decorative touch. Flat roof blinds are made from pleated electric blinds which are easy to open and close with a remote control which due to the height of your roof light blinds makes this a convenient option.

Velux Skylight Blinds

We offer a range of Velux skylight blinds as they are effective and well-made roof light blinds and have options on the colours and sizes available to fit your Velux roof window. This means your Velux skylight blinds will always match your colour scheme. The skylight blinds are electric blinds and come with a remote control so it is easy for you to change the flat roof blinds position from the ease of your chair. The Velux skylight blinds are made from a translucent polyester cloth which softly diffuses daylight into your room. Flat roof blinds give you basic privacy and great control over the heat and light levels in your room all year round.

The Velux skylight blinds are flat roof blinds made with a translucent cloth to diffuse and soften the light coming into the room. The flat roof blinds have anodised aluminium side channels to prevent light leakage around the edges. The remote control for the flat roof blinds gives you fully adjustable light control on your roof light blinds. The flat roof blinds are electrically powered and operated with the intelligent touch-screen VELUX INTEGRA control pad that was originally supplied with your VELUX INTEGRA roof window. The remote control works on your flat roof blinds from anywhere in the room and has preset programs giving you options to set times of day that you flat roof blind moves up and down. The roof light blinds have an option to be raised and lowered manually with the control bar at the bottom of your flat roof blind. Installation and cleaning of your Velux skylight blinds Due to the unique pick&click!TM system you can have Velux skylight blinds that are easy to install in minutes and your skylight blinds can be dismounted easily for regular cleaning.

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