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Browse our large selection of Shower Head and Shower Arm products to complete your perfect shower.

Choosing your Shower Head

We stock them in a variety of styles and prices to suit your budget, and there are several special feature options to fulfil your individual requirements. A Shower Head is an essential part of the showering experience, so it is therefore important to find one that is sturdy and high in quality. Suitable for both new showers and existing showers in need of an update, all our Shower Head and Shower Arm products are easy to install and will perform at their best for many years.

Whether you want your Shower Head to be round or square, we have a number of options for you. In terms of aesthetics, a round Shower Head is a strong traditional choice, while a square Shower Head can look modern and sophisticated. We stock round Shower Head designs in handset or Rain Shower Head form, while the square ones only come as a Rain Shower Head.

Generally, a smaller Shower Head will provide a more powerful water flow and a larger one will cover more space, so this is something to consider when making your decision. A Rain Shower Head is typically bigger than a handset and gives the user the sensation of standing under rain – many people enjoy this and find it very relaxing. Each type of Shower Head is available in different sizes to fit the space at hand.

Fitting your Shower Head

You will also need a Shower Head Arm fitting if you choose a Rain Shower Head. The Shower Head Arm can be attached to either the ceiling or the wall, depending on which design you go for, and the Shower Head screws onto the end. Made by Grohe, each Shower Arm has a chrome finish and is compatible with any Grohe Shower Head.

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