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Deck Stain is an impressive but reasonable way to keep your wood features looking new and fresh all year round. Regardless of the weather type, your wood will stay looking flawless.

Our Range of Deck Stain

Deck Stain is used to protect and preserve your wood features, so it maintains its aesthetics and function throughout instalment. Our deck stains offer multiple different functions- you may decide to opt for the stain that is UV protecting and so in sunnier, warmer weathers your wood is not affected or adapted.

We also have stains that cater as water repellence and so in rain and wetter weathers, your wood will remain at a high standard. Our stains also protect your decking against mould and mildew, so this is one less thing to worry about when staining your deck.

Advantages of Deck Stain?

  • Staining your deck makes your wood look stunning in all lights and weathers, adding natural beauty to your decking and wood features. Adding stain lets its natural wood stain shine through and so adds a stunning, sophisticated look to your outdoor designs.
  • Add deck stain also adds an element of safety to your decking. They protect the wood evidently but prevents the surface from becoming slippery and unsafe to walk on. This is extremely beneficial during wet weathers were the rain will cause the decking to naturally become more slippery.
  • The stain also stops this rain and wet weather from affecting the decking’s surface and colour- meaning wet weather will not affect the wooden colour or functions.
  • Our stains are mould and mildew resistant so there will be no additions to the decking that would make it less attractive and less appealing.
  • Our stains are also extremely easy to apply and so are not very time consuming nor too hard to use. This means it can be done easily at home by yourself, so you do not need to pay for an external worker to apply to product for you.
  • Also, our stains are very forgiving, it doesn’t matter if you leave parts of the decking out as our stains are easy to work with.
  • We have a wide range of colours for you to choose on so your not only are you getting protection to your decking, your also allowing your wood to look the way and colour you desire so that it is appropriate for your garden colour schemes and designs.
  • Our stains are all extremely reasonable and affordable, which is why our prices are the most appealing on the market.
  • We have also ensured our stains have a longer life span than others so they are evidently more money efficient and more appealing to any buyer.
  • Our stains are proved to have deep penetration into the wood, helping the decking keep its colours more prominently and longer, and all its advantages are quite literally engraved into your decking.

It has been suggested that wood stains don’t fill all the cracks that it is needed to be filled as generally, stain is thinner than paint. However, we have rectified this issue by making sure all our stains are thick enough to serve their purpose and to be maintained over the duration of use.

We have also made sure that our products are positive in staining the right objects. Some stains are very incompetent when getting on the painter’s hands and is time consuming to remove. Therefore, our products try to reduce the time spam it stains your hands for proving they are more effective for the you and your decking.

Choosing your Deck Stain

Our deck stains have a range of prices that are affordable and reasonable to our buyers. You may want to opt for our cheaper wood stains that start as a price of £14.26.

These are from the very successful Cuprinol brand which is extremely popular in the UK and other European countries. These come in tins of 2.5L meaning you have enough generally to cover an average size decking.

  • We have a wide range of colours on offer to you that all serve the purpose as an anti-slip deck stain. We have darker tones available such as ‘Black Ash’ and ‘Cedar Fall’ for you to apply a darker more intense feel to your decking.
  • In contrast you may decide to opt for lighter tones such as ‘City Stone’ and ‘Golden Maple’ to add a subtler feel to your designs.
  • On the other hand, you may decide to purchase our Ronseal Ultimate decking stainer, which is an amazing £18.49. Also containing 2.5L of stain solution, we have a wide range of colours also which cater for every design you opt to take.
  • For darker, harsher tones you should opt for tones such as ‘Charcoal’ and ‘Stone Grey’ and in contrast, for lighter tones you should consider ‘White Wash’ and wooden tones such as ‘natural Pine’.

Every product is made to please all our customers; therefore, we can reassure there will be no disappointment. We promise that each of our products are made with the highest quality manufacturers so there will be no problems and issues for the durability of instalment. We promise high quality service when purchasing, delivering and installing, to prove we are the best company for you.

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