Aluminium Soakers

Roof Soakers are flashings placed between a slanted roof and the adjoining wall to provide a weather-proof sealing, preventing water from entering the building at the joint.

Roof Soakers can be produced from various types of either metal or plasticaluminium is a great option because it is lightweight and hard-wearing compared to other materials, not to mention the fact that it is relatively inexpensive to buy. Aluminium soakers are easier to install than lead, making the process as simple as possible. We stock Calder and Samac Fixings Roof Soakers in a range of sizes to suit your needs, whether your roof is made from slate or plate tiles.

Choosing your Roof Soakers

Our Roof Soakers come in packs of 25, allowing you complete coverage when connecting your new roof to an existing wall. Known mostly for being the leading provider of lead products to a number of markets and industries, Calder also supply premium aluminium goods.

Calder Roof Soakers

Calder manufacture building supplies of the highest quality, so you can be sure the soakers will maintain their original shape and colour without bending or cracking. The Calder soakers are pre-bent to a 90-degree angle, saving time for the constructor. The aluminium thickness in each Calder soaker is 0.5mm, which may sound thin, but this does not detract from their strength - they are sleek but robust and will provide great coverage for your home. Find Calder soakers in various sizes to match your roofing requirements here. In addition to the Calder soakers, we also sell Roof Soakers from Samac Fixings.

Samac Fixings

With their knowledge and expertise in the construction industry, Samac Fixings manufacture a whole range of building supplies, from simple nails and screws to complex roofing products. Their soakers also come pre-bent and pre-cut to size, so that installation is a straightforward and stress-free process for the user.

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