Frame & Hammer Fixings

Browse our selection of Frame Fixings and Hammer Fixings to find the perfect components that will not damage your surfaces during installation.

Additional benefits of Frame Fixings and Hammer Fixings include not having to mark or re-position surfaces for application, thus removing much of the unnecessary hassle often associated with DIY work. We have fixings that are compatible with various materials, including wood, metal, brick and stone, so we can cater for all requirements. Frame Fixings can either be visible or concealed, depending on whether the top of the fastening can be seen from the outside or is hidden by a strip built into the frame’s face; you may prefer one type over the other, but both options are available. Frame Fixings and Hammer Fixings have different uses and are extremely helpful around your home.

When it comes to which fixings you need, the type of job will tell you everything you need to know. If you are dealing with heavy-duty work such as attaching door frames to wooden or stone surfaces, Frame Fixings are required. These provide a strong attachment that can hold such materials securely. When it comes to Frame Fixings, you screw them in and you can set them to the required tension by tightening them more or less. On the other hand, Hammer Fixings are ideal for smaller tasks that can be completed quickly. Hammer Fixings are designed to be hammered in fully, meaning that they are simpler to use than Frame Fixings, as you don’t need to use a screwdriver at all when installing them. The sloping thread on Hammer Fixings differs from the thread on normal screws and helps lock them in place. Whatever your needs, our wide range of Frame Fixings and Hammer Fixings can cater for all kinds of situations.

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